Earlier this week, Italy’s antitrust watchdog said it had started gathering information on the malfunctioning taxi services, stressing issues such as waiting times, acceptance of card payments and the correct use of taxi meters.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) – Vehicles were set on fire in the South African city of Cape Town on Friday after a dispute between taxi drivers and local authorities earlier in the week sparked days of disorder.

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Yes, many NYC car service providers are pet-friendly and offer transportation services for pets.
However, it is essential to inform the car service about your pet when making the reservation. This way, they can ensure they send a pet-friendly vehicle and make necessary arrangements to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during the journey. Additionally, some car services might have specific guidelines or restrictions for transporting pets, such as requiring them to be in a carrier or on a leash during the ride.

ROME, Aug 4 (Reuters) – Italy’s government is set to issue more taxi licences as it moves to tackle a cab shortage that has irked tourists and residents across its biggest cities, a draft decree seen by Reuters showed on Friday.

The draft rules, which cabinet is expected to approve on Monday, allow local municipalities to release additional permits “to cope with an extraordinary increase in demand” linked to major events or high numbers of tourists.

Large cities or those home to international airports will be able to increase their licences by up to 20%, the draft shows, saying current taxi drivers will have privileged access to the new permits which will last up to two years.

Drivers of minibus taxis – South Africa’s main means of transport for city commuters – had announced a weeklong city-wide strike in Cape Town on Thursday in response to what they described as heavy-handed tactics by police and city authorities.
The drivers claim they have had their vehicles impounded for minor offenses like not wearing a seat belt, when other motorists are issued fines.

“(This) will have to lead to greater efficiency and transparency, also in view of the significant growth in the influx of foreign tourists and the great challenges that await us in the coming years, from the Jubilee of 2025 to the Milan-Cortina (Winter) Olympics” in 2026, Urso said.

City buses – sometimes seen as a rival method of transportation to the taxis – have often been the targets of violence amid protests or strikes by the taxi drivers.
Officials from the minibus taxis’ national union denied that their members were responsible for JetBlack the violence and torching of vehicles.

Rome, along with other Italian cities, has long experienced shortages of cabs, with the powerful taxi lobbies resisting efforts to issue more of the valuable licences or fully embrace the arrival of ride-hailing competitors like Uber and Lyft.

But there have been “several incidents of public violence,” police said, and buses, trucks and private vehicles were set alight in a number of areas in and on the outskirts of South Africa’s second-largest city.

‘Tonight we have all come together, for one important reason, to praise, salute and give heartfelt thanks to real life special doctors, nurses, and everyone working on the frontlines in our NHS in in care homes and hospices.

The last time a member of the Royal Family appeared in a television skit was when the Queen memorably took part in a parachuting sketch with James Bond actor Daniel Craig for the opening of the London 2012 Olympics.

Speaking individually from their homes in a video that was then cut together so that the actors would share the same message of support, they began: ‘As you probably know, we have all been at one time or another the Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and Jo Martin all appeared during the segment, praising NHS staff for their work during the coronavirus crisis.

In 2005, the song spent seven weeks at number one, raising money for Comic Relief in the process. The original video featured him arching directly towards the camera on a treadmill joined by celebrities including Brian May, Ronnie Corbett, Michael Parkinson and Mr Blobby.

‘We were there for each other and that’s what the Big Night In is all about, I am so grateful to everyone who has donated tonight and don’t forget that the government has pledged to match every pound you donate so please do give generously.

My son was introduced to the wonders of Little Britain and roared with laughter at the homemade wigs!! Bring back #LittleBritain! Dust anybody?’ one person tweeted, as a second posted: ‘The best part of the whole show tonight!