Huge swathes of Putin's empire is cut off from the internet

Huge swathes of Putin's empire is cut off from the internet

Mykola Kuleba said at a news conference in Kyiv that the children were expected to arrive in the capital later in the day.
Kuleba is the executive director of the Save Ukraine organization and is the presidential commissioner for children’s rights.

Allied nations, such as South Korea, have also reportedly been the subject of spying by the Pentagon, raising questions as to the diplomatic impact the leak could have at a time of deteriorating global ties. 

Russia has already accused the West of using its civilian space infrastructure to support the operations of the Ukrainian troops, including for combat strikes, and detecting the locations of Vladimir Putin’s army and its movements.

The leak comes amid speculation that a wave of classified document breaches could be being orchestrated by Russia, in what was described by a senior intelligence official as ‘a nightmare for the Five Eyes’ – a reference to the intelligence sharing agreement between the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

The event was heavily anti-Western and filled with Soviet nostalgia, as Russian authorities ramped up patriotism in response to being hit by massive international sanctions for Putin’s Ukraine campaign, which has stalled thanks to fierce resistance.

She says that she remembers when she got her first commission from a work colleague, who wanted a dress for a party, she went home ‘crying’ because she was ‘flattered’ that someone believed in her and ‘trusted’ her to make her a dress. 

In Ukraine, the documents suggested a misalignment between US and Ukrainian military strategies, with intelligence reports appearing to show the US continues to spy on top military and political leaders in the region.  

An FBI probe was launched Friday to determine the source of the leak, however a senior official told The New York Times that tracking down the perpetrator could prove difficult because a large number of officials have the security clearances needed to access the information. 

She said: ‘I fell in love with the print and kept the fabric for “something special”. You will find with fellow sewers that we have bags of fabrics that we have collected over the years for “something special” and they never get used.’

In his speech, Putin quoted the Bible’s book of John, praising his troops in Ukraine. ‘The words from the sacred scripture come to my mind: “There is no greater love than if someone laid down his life for his friends,”‘ he said.

The documents, which provided the clearest picture yet of the Kremlin’s depleted military capacity, were telling as to the extent to which US espionage tactics have effectively penetrated Vladimir Putin’s war machine. 

However, the intelligence breach, which included reports from late February to early March but have only been leaked Online Social Emotional Learning PRE-K Grade Tutoring in recent days, also unearthed probes in a variety of nations, including South Korea, Iran and the UK, per the .

However, the scandal is already being noted as one of the most damaging national security breaches in recent memory, which may have further implications into the legitimacy of US espionage into the future. 

Putin used the rally to peddle falsehoods about why the war started and to shill a narrative of Russia’s battlefield success, speaking of ‘how our guys are fighting during this operation, shoulder to shoulder, helping each other’

American officials told the  that while the leak underscores the Pentagon’s capacity to collect information on Russia’s strategies, it remains to be seen whether their sources of information will be hampered by the revelations. 

The International Committee of the Red Cross said this week it had been in contact with Lvova-Belova, the first confirmation of high-level international intervention to reunite families with children who were forcibly deported.

Putin’s rally was quickly likened to similar massive marches held by North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un, which are said to be attended by citizens who are given no other choice, as well as the massive evangelical rallies hosted by American minister Billy Graham in America.

Sophia wanted to show people that they don’t need to spend a lot of money to make amazing clothes and posted a clip demonstrating how she turned charity shop curtains into a stunning bustier dress with tied straps. 

ICRC spokesman Jason Straziuso said the organization was in contact with Lvova-Belova “in line with its mandate to restore contact between separated families and facilitate reunification where feasible.”

Putin, who called the rally to mark the anniversary of the last time he attacked Ukraine to annex the Crimea region, spoke of sharing a ‘common destiny’ with Crimeans, of ‘de-Nazifying’ the region in 2014, and of the ‘bravery’ of soldiers currently fighting in Ukraine.

They were surrounded and shelled by guns, the Ukrainians sent airstrikes against them. This is called genocide,’ he said, repeating his widely-debunked justification for cost of kumon attacking.  ‘It is to save people from this suffering and genocide that we launched our military operation.’ 

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