Italy's troubled taxi services under antitrust scrutiny

Italy's troubled taxi services under antitrust scrutiny

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The AGCM said it acted after several “critical issues” emerged in Rome, Milan and Naples, with problems for customers related to waiting times, acceptance of card payments and the correct use of taxi meters.

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Over the past few months, reports have multiplied about a severe taxi shortage in major Italian cities, amid a long-standing failure to increase the number of licences despite surging demand from tourists and residents.

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According to Il Messaggero newspaper, Italy’s industry and transport ministers were due to discuss a government plan to increase the number of licences in a meeting on Tuesday in Rome with taxi industry representatives.

Taxi drivers are a powerful lobby in Italy and have in the past successfully resisted local and national government attempts to increase competition in the sector, also through aggressive strike actions.

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ROME, Aug 1 (Reuters) – Italy’s antitrust authority (AGCM) said on Tuesday it had started gathering information on the country’s malfunctioning taxi services, ahead of possible new initiatives “to protect the market and consumers”.