2022 Annual Conference eBook

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2022 Annual Corporate Governance Conference eBook

This eBook shares an overview of The 2022 Annual Corporate Governance Conference, themed “Digital, Diversity, and Inclusion: Evolving Trends in Governance and Board Culture,” with panel discussions around the effect of evolving trends in relation to corporate governance and what Digital, Diversity and Inclusion offer us.

Other key discussions were around the future of corporate governance; diversity ideas that improve board performance; the Nigerian corporate space and inclusion of diversity on boards; how digitalization can assist in the relationship between regulators and partnering with boards; how digital opportunities can be integrated into board function; how data management, cyber security can help boards perform better, and many more.

In addition, it contains powerful reflections on the above mentioned theme by prominent experts in different industries who were special guests of honour. Their insights gave birth to solutions on how board members and stakeholders of different industries can embrace a more inclusive and diverse board culture.

2022 Annual Corporate Governance Conference eBook

2022 ACGC EBOOK (#16)

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