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A Closed Pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria is seeking an accomplished and highly qualified Independent Director to join its Board. This individual will play a pivotal role in providing strategic guidance, ensuring governance compliance, and contributing to the company’s continued growth and success.



Post Graduate Degree in Finance

Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Directorial Experience:

Minimum of 10 years experience serving as a director on various boards.


Financial Expertise:

Extensive professional experience in the fields of Pension Fund
Administration, organizational Leadership/Change, Investment Management, and Market Finance.

Professional Background:

Deep knowledge of the Nigerian pension industry, regulations, and best practices.

Experience in managing pension fund assets, risk assessment, and compliance.

Proven ability to optimize investment strategies while ensuring long-term sustainability.

Market Finance.

Proficiency in capital markets, securities trading, and portfolio management

A track record of quality financial decisions based on market trends and economic analysis and repeated success.

Experience in asset allocation, risk mitigation, and investment diversification.

Ability to create and manage diversified investment portfolios that align with regulatory requirements and market conditions.

A strong background in investment banking, encompassing corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising.

Private Equity Investments, legal, structuring, and commercial due diligence experience.

Experience in leading an organization through change into an era of great performance.

Knowledge of Actuarial valuation

Key Attributes:

Strategic Thinker: An individual with a forward-looking approach, who can contribute valuable insights to help the board chart a strategic direction.
Regulatory Acumen: A thorough understanding of Nigerian financial regulations and a commitment to ensuring compliance at all levels.
Ethical Leadership: A commitment to ethical leadership, transparency, and accountability in all actions and decisions.
Continuous learning and adventurous: A passion for change and adaptation to the changing operating and regulatory environment towards ensuring the sustained growth, relevance, and success of the organization.
Independence: An individual with a strong commitment to his independence and a passion for regulatory compliance and zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, internal and external.



The Independent Director we seek should be a seasoned professional, with deep experience in Investment management, a good knowledge of Pension and Pension Fund Management, Management Leadership, the functioning and responsibilities of a Board of Directors, and the critical role it plays in the life of an organization. This individual will bring a wealth of knowledge, and experience, to contribute to the company’s quest to attain its goals and reason for existence.


Application Deadline: February 7th, 2024.
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