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Series on the 360 of Corporate Governance

Discussion Topic: Corporate Resilience for Business Sustainability

The unprecedented disruption and market turbulence are the current realities of the Nigerian business community. These uncertain times have resulted in organsiation’s desperately grappling for ways to adapt, evolve, and survive the economic climate.

Innovating businesses in a bid to meet organisational goals has become the order of the day. Enterprises that are resilient stand out from the competition and build a sustained advantage in their vertical.

This session has been put together by the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria to enlighten/support businesses across industries on how best to meet the innovation challenge, what is needed to be resilient and successful despite unforeseen disruptions, and how digitalization can drive the needed resilience.

The Members’ Session, a series on the 360 of Corporate Governance is an initiative exclusive to members of the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria aimed at equipping members with a better understanding of the nitty-gritty of corporate governance and how it can be effectively implemented in their various organisations, thereby, giving foresight to members and aspiring members.

Who to attend:
SCGN Members & Aspiring Members

Mr. Chidi Okoro
Member, Society of Corporate Governance Nigeria
Founder/Executive Consultant of Drugs and Medicaments Nigeria Limited

Date: Thursday, 30th March, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM WAT/GMT+1

Venue: Virtual

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The 360 of Corporate Governance


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