Ms. Koosum Kalyan

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Ms. Koosum Kalyan

Board Member

Ms. Koosum Kalyan is a South African businesswoman and economist whose career began in the Electricity Commission in Melbourne Australia as an economist. She subsequently joined Shell South Africa as an economist and became a member of the Shell Global Scenario Planning Team after which she embarked on her expatriate posting to Shell International London for nine years. The scope of her work included projects in Nigeria, Gabon, Mozambique, Tanzania; etc. Ms. Kalyan assisted governments in transforming their energy policies and in joining the Extractive industries Transparency Initiative during her tenure at Shell and assisted in digitising government institutions.

She has served on the Boards of several prestigious companies where she expertly contributed her wealth of knowledge to the progress of these companies and was recently appointed the Chairperson of Control Risk for Southern Africa.

Ms. Kalyan has a B. Com Law degree and a degree in Economics from the University of Urban Westville. She has also completed the Senior Executive Management Program at London Business School and a Leadership Management Program at Shell Leadership Institute.

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