Risk Management and Resilience in Uncertain Times

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In today’s world marked by economic volatilities, effective risk management is crucial for businesses and organisations to thrive. This exclusive member’s session will provide members with essential insights and strategies for building resilient organizations capable of withstanding diverse uncertainties.

Objectives of the Webinar

1. Understand the array of economic, environmental, and geopolitical risks that organizations face today.

2. Learn strategies to develop and maintain resilient organizational structures and processes.

3. Discover best practices in risk management and crisis response to ensure comprehensive preparedness.

4. Foster an organizational culture that prioritizes proactive risk identification and mitigation.

Key Areas of Learning

1. Understanding and Assessing Risks

2. Developing Resilient Organizations

3. Implementing Effective Risk Management Strategies

4. Building a Risk Management Culture:


Ms. Koosum Kalyan
Chairperson of Control Risk for Southern Africa

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